Rising Blockchain is a project that, on the one hand, reveals the main features of blockchain technologies and, on the other hand, enables meeting qualitative projects with investors who want to invest in the technology of the future.

The website consists of the following content about the blockchain technology:

1. Blockchain basics.

The fundamentals of blockchain technology are given along with the explanation of important terms in this section. The peculiarity of this section is that we try to explain complex concepts in the most simple and accessible way.

2. Blockchain protocols.

This section is focused on the most popular and famous blockchain protocols which are reviewed in details, thanks to which the blockchain technology enters the world.

3. Blockchain cases.

This section gathers the main news and examples of the blockchain implementation in various sections of society, business and finance. The key identified industries are the Auto Industry, Banks, Public Sector, Healthcare, Internet of Things, Logistics, Construction and Real Estate, Telecommunications, Finance, Traditional Trade and E-commerce.

4. TOP projects review.

There are always projects that change the industry and the future, this section contains information on such projects.

5. Investments in the blockchain.

This section encloses investment news and a catalogue of key investment funds and venture capitalists that invest in the technology of the future (including the blockchain).

6. People in the blockchain.

This section includes developers, from one point of view, and influential executives and managers of companies and projects, from another point of view, that strive to make the blockchain technology become the future already today.

7. Blockchain library.

Dozens of interesting materials (articles, podcasts, videos) come out every day disclosing blockchain technology topic. We collect the most interesting of them on the whole Internet and publish here in one place, in a convenient format with the ability to quickly search and sort.


In the events section, you will find out about the largest exhibitions and conferences around the world devoted to the Blockchain technology and its application.

Rising Blockchain Magazine.

We also publish a monthly edition of Rising Blockchain Magazine where we share with the readers the latest news of the blockchain industry.

How we can cooperate with you:

1. Cooperation with experts and authors: if you are an expert and want to disclose a topic or an author who writes about technologies – write to us at content@risingblockchain.com

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