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Blockchain In Media & Advertising

25-Dec-18 Popula Stores News on Ethereum’s Blockchain

Subscription-based news platform Popula has made history by providing the very first fully stored news article on a blockchain platform. Earlier this week, Maria Bustillos, the editor of journalist-owned Popula, announced the placement of an article published on the website has now been stored on the distributed ledger.

20-Dec-18 Blockchain Journalism Project Civil to Launch in February Despite Token Sale Flop

Blockchain media startup Civil will launch in February, despite the fact their CVL token sale failed earlier this year, according to the company’s blog post published Dec. 19.  Civil is a blockchain-based platform for journalism that focuses on building a new media ecosystem with its native CVL token, which will purportedly help participants attain financial sustainability and improve trust in journalism.

9-Oct-18 Forbes Partners With Blockchain-Based Journalism Platform to Publish Content

International business media outlet Forbes has partnered with blockchain-based platform Civil to publish its content on a decentralized network, Civil’s co-founder confirmed on Medium on Tuesday, Oct. 9.

According to Civil co-founder Matt Coolidge, Forbes is integrating Civil’s software into its own content management system (CMC). From the beginning of 2019, journalists will be able to upload their data to the Civil network while posting it to the Forbes website simultaneously.  Forbes, a U.S. business news outlet founded in 1917, reaches more than 120 million people globally through its main and local editions.

9-Aug-18 Web Browser Brave to Add Cryptocurrency-Based Twitter and Reddit Tipping

Those thousands of hours you spent crafting witty memes while you should have been doing your algebra homework may finally earn you more than retweets and Reddit karma. CNET reports that Brave, the privacy-centric web browser launched by Mozilla.

2-Aug-18 Blockchain in Media: How Blockchain Can Help Advertising

Advertisers and brands are increasingly losing patience with ad agencies and other players over the lack of transparency in the digital advertising space. Digital ad revenue for the first half of 2017 came in at a record $40 billion, up from $31 billion for the previous year, and it was estimated to have reached $85 billion by the end of 2017.

The fight for transparency intensified in 2017 after The Times of London published a report about how the ads of big brands were appearing alongside racist videos on the giant video platform YouTube. Several brands paused their spending on YouTube advertising temporarily, until YouTube reassured them that it had taken measures to correct the issue.

28-Jul-18 Telegram Reveals Personal ID Verification Tool for Sharing Data with ‘Finance, ICOs’

The crypto and blockchain industry’s go-to encrypted messenger app Telegram has released a personal identification authorization tool, according to an official statement published July 26.

The tool, dubbed Telegram Passport, reportedly encrypts a user’s personal ID information and let’s users securely share their ID data with third parties, which the Telegram post elaborates on as “finance, ICOs, etc.”

According to the post, users’ ID data will currently be stored on the Telegram cloud, but “In the future, all Telegram Passport data will move to a decentralized cloud.”

28-Jul-18 Chinese Social Network Tianya is Launching a Native Cryptocurrency

The Tianya Community in China, a social network of 130 million users that seeks to create the country’s most influential platform for content and knowledge creation, has announced a blockchain based initiative to rebuild its ecosystem.

The new ecosystem will launch on Aug. 8 and will make use of a blockchain based token, TYT, according to a recently posted notice to the community.

The Tianya Community has achieved rapid growth in just a few years with its “netizen” self-organizing model, the notice stated. The community, following six months of research and design, has deployed blockchain technology to rebuild its ecosystem to allow each citizen to participate in the community’s self-governance.