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6-Dec-18 Swiss Post & Swisscom Launch ‘100% Swiss’ Blockchain Infrastructure

Switzerland’s national postal service Swiss Post and state-owned telecoms provider Swisscom are partnering on a “100 percent Swiss” blockchain infrastructure, according to a press release Dec. 6.

The new infrastructure is reportedly the first private, or permissioned, blockchain to be operated jointly by two entities; its key premise is to provide a service that retains all data within Switzerland, and that can meet the security requirements of banks.

14-Nov-18 Xerox Wins Patent for Blockchain System That Tracks Revisions to Electronic Documents

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has awarded Xerox a patent for a blockchain-driven auditing system for electronic files, according to a patent filing published Nov. 13.
Xerox — known for its eponymous printing and digital copying appliances — first filed the patent in August 2017. The patent describes a blockchain-based system for the secure recording of revisions made to electronic documents.

13-Nov-18 Amex Files Patent for Blockchain System to Match Images of Receipts With Stored Records

Financial services giant American Express (Amex) has filed a patent for a blockchain-based system to capture and transmit the image of a receipt, according to a U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) patent filing published Nov. 13.

The patent applicant is listed as American Express Travel Related Services Co., Inc., the company’s travel subsidiary. The new filing, titled “Linking digital images with related records,” includes a new method for receiving, recording and transmitting the image of a receipt.

13-Nov-18 Amazon Wins Patents for Cryptography and Distributed Data Storage Solutions

E-commerce giant Amazon has won two patents related to methods for protecting the integrity of digital signatures and improving distributed data storage. The two patents were published by by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) today, Nov. 13.

The first patent document, first filed in April of this year, outlines a “signature delegation” method for “protecting the integrity of digital signatures and encrypted communications,” by allowing for the generation, distribution, validation, and revocation of one-time-use cryptographic keys.

8-Nov-18 Salesforce Patents Blockchain Method For Sorting Email

“Have you checked your spam folder?” You’ve probably said those words, or had them said to you, countless times, always in the same smiling and reassuring voice that carries with it an implied how-did-you-not-think-to-check-your-spam-folder-already judgmental undertone. Working to dispel this case of daily jargon ennui, cloud-based customer relationship management platform Salesforce recently received a patent to use blockchain-based technology to prevent legitimate emails from being sent to spam folders – and spam from mucking up users’ inboxes.

20-Sep-18 Poland’s Top Bank to Launch Blockchain Platform for Document Management Within ‘Days’

Poland’s largest bank will launch a blockchain solution for its customer documents via a partnership with UK-based Coinfirm “in the coming days,” the parties confirmed in a press release Thursday, September 20.

Part of a drive to enhance security of customer data, PKO Bank Polski will use Coinfirm’s Trudatum to provide blockchain-issued paperwork to its some five million account holders.
“Blockchain offers huge potential to increase competitiveness of the Polish banking sector,” am Marciniak, vice president of the bank’s management board commented.

24-Jul-18 Google to Offer Distributed Ledger Solutions in Cloud Platform Marketplace

Google is joining the list of tech giants to deploy blockchain technology to offer customers fintech and cloud service solutions, according to an official statement Monday, July 23.

Google announced that the company has partnered with two blockchain-focused firms, Digital Asset and BlockApps, to offer new distributed ledger technology (DLT) solutions on Google’s Cloud Platform (GCP), which would allow users to “explore ways [customers] might use distributed ledger technology frameworks.”

Digital Asset is a supplier of distributed ledger software for the fintech industry, while BlockApps offers a blockchain platform to launch decentralized apps (DApps).