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14-Sep-18 Overstock To Sell Bitcoin Through Its Website In 2019 With Bitsy Wallet

Crypto-friendly online retailer expects to formally begin selling bitcoin through its website in the first half of 2019, the company has revealed.

Such functionality will be offered through Bitsy, a crypto wallet and portfolio company of Medici Ventures, Overstock’s blockhain-focused subsidiary which currently has investments deployed in 18 separate ventures.

6-Sep-18 Blockchain-Based E-Commerce Platform to Help Merchants Open Shops Without Startup Capital

A startup e-commerce ecosystem is turning to blockchain to help businesses become more operationally efficient, while enabling billions of users on social media “to generate income with ease.”

TIPO says it has identified three major problems facing the e-commerce market today. According to the company, many of the platforms currently dominating the industry are too focused on buying and selling when there are many other services that can benefit merchants and their loyal customers. Plus, while online payments have continued to rise, market share is yet to reach its true potential. Lastly, businesses are wasting time and money through “suboptimal logistics and warehousing operations.”

10-Aug-18 5,000 Merchants Can Now Accept Cryptocurrency Payments in Chile

Chilean cryptocurrency exchange Crypto MKT has recently announced that the country’s citizens can now buy products and services with cryptocurrency from over 5,000 merchants through a new integration with a crypto payment processor.

According to the announcement, a partnership between Crypto MKT and online payments platform allowed the merchants to add cryptocurrency payment options through a platform called

CryptoCompra’s platform is available in Chile, Argentina, Brazil, and Europe, and lets customers pay businesses using bitcoin, stellar, or ethereum, while letting merchants receive their payments in pesos, the country’s fiat currency.

20-Jul-18 Indonesian Crypto POS Maker Pundi X Labs Eyes S Korean Market with New Partnership

Google Indonesian point-of-sale (POS) terminal maker Pundi X Labs (Pundi X) signed a Memorandum of Understanding with South Korean smart cards maker Ubivelox on Thursday to support the deployment and development of its devices in South Korea, Pundi X said in a statement.

Pundi X’s innovative POS terminal, called Pundi XPOS, supports cryptocurrency payments as well as transactions through mobile wallets including Alipay and WeChat Pay and payment cards. All Pundi X devices are connected to the Ethereum and NEM blockchain. The company’s latest model supports 13 cryptocurrencies.

Pundi X also offers the XPASS cards, a smart card that allows users to buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies, as well as purchase daily items.

6-Jul-18 Tradeshift Pilots Stablecoin to Speed Up Business Payments

Stablecoin startup MakerDAO announced Friday that it has launched a pilot program with supply chain management startup Tradeshift aimed at speeding up payments for small businesses.

In its announcement, MakerDAO – the company behind the stablecoin DAI – said its stablecoin is now being tested with the Tradeshift Cash solution in a bid to tokenize unpaid invoices of small businesses. The idea is that the coin could be sold at a discount to crypto investors so that small businesses can receive their payments upfront. Launched in December 2017, MakerDAO’s DAI token is one of a growing number of stablecoins. It was designed to adjust its supply as the market shifts in order to maintain a price pegged to the  U.S. dollar.